Teach Them This Tuesday: All things Science: Mr. Wizard’s World

Growing up I was fascinated with science!

I enjoyed the experiments. The mystery. The unknown.

However, when it was time for Chemistry and Physics my enjoyment of science…… well, dissipated.

science explosion.jpg

Where I left off each of my children have picked up.


They repeat the subject just for enjoyment.

Three times in Biology! Yep! My oldest did that. While taking Physics!


Many of you may remember an amazing video series by Mr. Wizard called “Mr. Wizard’s World.”

This is a series that you certainly may desire to share with your homeschooling student.

I grew up watching these shows and they were FASCINATING!

This link will take you to the website>>>>>>>>>>> Click HERE

The below video is one of MANY. They keeping playing one after another!



Serving Your and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director