**Episode 4: Be quick to reach out for help through vulnerability in homeschooling with Melissa Aldrich (YouTube recording)

Tonight I had the amazing privilege to interview a dear friend of mines…..
Melissa Aldrich.
I came to know Melissa through a group both she and I were apart of “Be The Bridge to Racial Reconciliation.” I love her heart and appreciate her advocacy for black lives, black culture, black people…….




Melissa Aldrich has been the wife of Derek for almost 12 years, and the mama of twins Aeralind, Bronwyn (8, 2nd grade), and Sedryn (K5 reading, 1st-5th grade everything else). We’ve homeschooled two years, but last year through online public school. We’ve enjoyed exploring a Charlotte Mason approach this year. In my spare time, I run Quiet Graces Photography Studio in Greenville, SC, advocate for children with Down syndrome, am learning to Be a Bridge for Racial Reconciliation, hiking, and dream of traveling the world with my little ones.
To learn more about her photography services go to: www.QuietGracesPhotography.com or follow on Instagram at Quiet Graces Photography
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Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 25 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, mentor, entrepreneur, direct marketer, mad’am farmer, homeschool co-op director, Toastmasters Competent Communicator recipient, racial injustice activist and follower of Yahweh. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC