UCHU virtual courses: Violin/Viola Lessons with Noelani Perry (video)

Meet Ms. Noelani Perry, the founder and primary instructor of Noelani Perry’s Strings Academy!

Noelani Perry is a professional violinist/violist with over 16+ years of playing experience with a passion for sharing her gift and strings expertise to children all over the world!

This Academy was built with the intention of giving bright young boys and girls direct access to music lessons that are readily accessible from within their homes!

Our academy’s curriculum is easily applicable to every school lifestyle as we aim to work with parents and students on choosing ideal lesson times, creating a learning curriculum best suited for their child, and, most importantly, introducing a path towards a lifelong love of music that will encourage students to seek out a musical career of in the future. (Scroll down for full Bio.)


Take advantage of our affordable programs; the first 30-minute lesson is free of charge!

Noelani performing her Sophomore year.


Visit this link and sign-up/register today: HERE

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