Beginners Spanish class with UCHU (video included)

Not only am I an Option 3 accountability owner/director in South Carolina but I am also a Spanish teacher. ðŸ˜Š

My first semester Beginners Spanish class for the fall of 2020 has 22 students who are in the 3rd-6th grade.

With permission these parents have said I can share their students in class and the class picture. So no panic. (((smile)))

I am so proud of their progress, eagerness to learn and excitement they

display with each 30 min class session we have.

We are in week seven of this 1st semester. Those who desire will continue with me into 2nd semester. We meet once a week. We have a blast!! They are doing amazingly well.

Not only do we have class time but every three weeks I meet with each student individually to make sure they are progressing.

Students have homework where they have to record themselves articulating the information learned in the lesson.

They learn Spanish culture.

They have projects they complete at home or as a family.

They give me so much enjoyment each week I meet with them!! (((happy dance)))

I also teacher Honors Spanish 1 with 7th-12th grade students twice a week. My students are coming along well. So proud of them!!

This Honors class is equivalent to a college course class. They are holding their own very very well.

Ssshhhhh…..don’t tell them that they are actually on a college level class. ((Hahaha!!))

For over 8 years I have taught Spanish to the homeschooling community here in South Carolina. I took about a 5-year break but now I am back.

A few parents asked if I’d return to teaching Spanish and I said, ‘Yes.’ Online classes has made it so much easier to do.

Little facts you may not know about me. 

  • I have lived in Spain for 3-years.
  • My eldest was born in Spain.
  • I was part of a Spanish band that traveled all over Southern Spain performing.
  • For a period of time I was a missionary to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.
  • I have been studying Spanish since I was in high school.
  • Later I studied Spanish under the tutelage of an awesome Spanish teacher while in Spain and learned Castallano Spanish.

January 2021, I will make available a new class for Beginners Spanish and continue my current Beginners Spanish class.

So if you think you’d be interested in your students who are 3rd-6th grade joining in with me in a new Beginners Spanish class take a look at this video which will give you can idea of what we and how we are learning.

Shared with permission by EACH parent.

My hope is that these young students remain with me for years to come becoming more fluent in this beautiful language.

Most all other countries’ young students learn a second, third or fourth language. American students should do the same. It should be required learning. And Spanish is an awesome start!!

FYI: I do accept students into the classes that are not members of UCHU.

Stay tuned to for next semester classes.

Hasta Pronto!!!

Peace and Blessing!!

Angela Jordan Perry, is a homeschooling Mom of eight children for 20 years, mentor, entrepreneur, host of Girlfriends’ Guide to Homeschooling with Angela Jordan Perry YouTube show, podcast/host of Girlfriends Chat with Angela Jordan Perry, founder/Executive Director of Educating Our OwnMocha Homeschooling Moms-SC co-founder, owner/director/administrator of United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited Option 3 Accountability Association, founder of The Homeschool Upstart; host/found The Homeschool Upstart Podcast; direct marketer,  Toastmasters Competent Communicator recipient, racial injustice activist.  Angela and her family make their homestead in Campobello, SC. Angela’s purpose driven life is to make a positive impact on 1,000s of homeschoolers worldwide.