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“I mean no disrespect in this post. We all have our personal opinions. Atwater was never even on my radar until the runoff. Then, I personally heard the interview below and was incredulous. I cannot in good conscience vote for Atwater. If she could not defend her positions on a state level or even to a state radio host, what will she make SC education look like on a national stage?”

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  1. I agree the interview was bad. I don’t like either of the Republican options at this point. My first question would be who is she depending on to inform her of our state standards? The questions posed to her were specific, but when she came back with an answer that referred to state standards I feel she should have been knowledgeable in her answers. Just saying that she refers to Health and Science Standards, then refusing to elaborate does make her sound uninformed and evasive. Can she recover from this? Is she really the best candidate for the job? As a homeschool community can we can successfully fight Spearman’s plans for intrusion upon 3rd option law as it stands now? As homeschoolers we need to stand as united as possible on the issues of freedom of choice and parental rights in education.

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