Welcome UCHU members!!!

Our website is NOW up and running.

The purpose of this UCHU website is multifaceted.

1. It will allow us to declutter our inboxes from lots of extras other than ‘homeschool’ focused info.

2. It will provide a place to ‘quickly’ get information that we each would like to know. i.e. our upcoming events, co-ops, sell our curriculum, Upstate clubs, UCHU member business listings etc.

3. It will also serve as home for UCHU-Accountability Association AND UCHU-Academy info.

4. It will allow us to post on the blog sharing various events of our homeschooling day; thoughts that we want to share and relay to others; political information (with comments in the comment field); share pics from field trips, outings etc.

5. Hopefully it will allow for our growing community to connect on a spiritual level as well. A place where we can share words of encouragement for the day. Scriptures. Various write-ups etc.

Several of the items within this website require a password. So don’t be alarmed.

The actual UCHU yahoo group will continue to thrive as we continue to share homeschool related information, prayer requests and praises as well as and quick email shootouts to other members.

I look forward to seeing how the curriculum sale menu will work for our group.

Each Friday evening you are welcome to forward your list of curriculum you have for sale directly to me. PLEASE PLACE ‘CURRICULUM FOR SALE’ IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

I will post it to the website each weekend and the new curriculum will be available for all on the following Monday. Every Friday old curriculum will be deleted and you will have to resend you list if you would like to continue listing your items for sale. PLEASE DO NOT POST CURRICULUM FOR SALE ON THE YAHOO GROUP ANY LONGER.

Finally, as this is a new ‘process’ which comes along with CHANGE and many people do not like CHANGE, please know hopefully this will be a CHANGE for the good and for the whole of our growing group.

If you have ANYTHING that you would like to post on the blog just send it to me and I will be more than happy to post it to the UCHU blog. The only requirement is that you are a member of UCHU, the post is tasteful and not degrading in any way. I will have full discretion of if a post will be made public on our UCHU blog site.

Blessings to you each and welcome to UCHU’s website!!


Angela P., UCHU owner/moderator