Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: Hands and Feet (guest blogger)

Five years ago we started our ministry journey by running a meals on wheels route around town on Friday mornings. We loved it. We loved seeing our kids being God’s hands and feet. So we put legs on our prayers and decided to sell our house so that we could leave a bigger handprint and footprint for God. We were tired of just getting by paying our bills with very little left at the end of the month to bless others. We were ready for whatever ride God had for our little family of five.

We sold our house quicker than we anticipated and had no idea where we were going. Crazy. Yep, that’s us.

We were blessed to stay in a 1 bedroom cabin next to my parents with a loft.

Fast forward a year later.

We sponsored orphans, went on a mission trip, found a smaller house, a precious church, great friends, had a sweet baby. In the hectic pace of a new baby, a fixer upper, and several other things, we stopped being hands and feet.

I didn’t realize it until our favorite friend on our meals on wheels route passed away. We loved Mrs. Essie. We planned our route so that she was our very last stop and we could spend time with her. Her family invited us to her funeral. I was amazed to hear stories of how she gave more than was expected and how she blessed others on her small income. I realized that we had no excuse.

At 101 years old, Mrs. Essie had still found a way to be God’s hands and feet. I told God I was sorry. I promised to do better. That week we called up Mobile Meals in our new town. We started a new route in honor of our sweet friend Mrs. Essie.

My children loved it. I did too.

Our income still isn’t huge but we can fix a meal for someone that is sick. We can send cards to someone who is sad or lonely.

We can help out a family member or friend that is going through a hard time.

We all have ways to be God’s hands and feet.

I’d love to hear some of your ideas.

In what ways are you serving with your families?

God Bless 🙂

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive your inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” -Colossians 3:23-24


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Elizabeth Doan is married to her hubby David for 14 years.  Mother to four wonderful kiddos: Sam (10), Sarah (8), Evie Joy (4), and Sadie Rose (6 months).  Homeschooling Momma for 4 years with 17 years to go!   Elizabeth’s favorite quote in the whole wide world is: “Life is frittered away by details.  Simplify, simplify.”  -Henry David Thoreau