United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited YouTube Channel……

Many of my members aren’t on facebook.

Many of my members don’t even care to be on facebook.


Guess what? You don’t have to be.

If you are not a subscriber to my YouTube channel …….You should be!!

As August 1, 2018 approaches you’ll begin to see lots of changes on the website at www.UCHUnlimited.com and on the YouTube Channel at Angela Jordan Perry -UCHU.

Many changes have already begun.


What you will see is the ‘Members Only‘ section of www.UCHUnlimited.com preparing for our new year with new resources.

I’ve begun lining up speakers for the UCHU monthly Master Mind Virtual Meetings, Quarterly Virtual Bootcamps and the UCHU Summit. These resources will ONLY  be in the Members Only section of www.UCHUnlimited.com

Everything you’ve wanted to know, understand and implement as it relates to homeschooling your child in South Carolina will be at your fingertips to help you on this journey of homeschooling.

If you don’t have a gmail account then you may want to be. All videos will be done via Google Hangouts but will be only visible in the Members’ Only section of www.UCHUnlimited.com

Rather it is:

*the basics of homeschooling

*strong foundations of the elementary years

*special needs homeschooling

*increasing your child’s high school gpa

*courses to ensure are on your child’s transcript

*best suggested courses during elementary years

*unschooling and what that looks like

*completing transcripts/report cards

*what you need to know about college

and a lot more.

On the YouTube channel you’ll find basic how to’s.

In the Member’s Only section of the website you’ll find the step by step, detailed info you’ll want to know for homeschooling.

See you on YouTube…..

Most importantly…….

See you in the Members’ Only section of www.UCHUnlimited.com


Members’ Only section of www.UCHUnlimited will began August 1, 2018 which begins the new 2018-2019 homeschooling year. Upon registering and signing-up with UCHU-AA you will then be added into the Members’ Only section.

See you there!!

Angela UCHU website pic

Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 25 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, mentor, entrepreneur, host of Girlfriends’ Guide to Homeschooling, podcast host of Girlfriends Chat, founder/director of STEAM Co-Op of the Upstate, Mocha Homeschooling Moms-SC founder, owner/director/administrator of United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited Option 3 Accountability Association, direct marketer, mad’am farmer,  Toastmasters Competent Communicator recipient, racial injustice activist.  Angela and her family makes their homestead in Campobello, SC.