UCHU HONORS Spanish 1 Virtual Class

This coming year UCHU will be offering HONORS Spanish I virtual classes for your students.

Many of you don’t know that I am fluent in Spanish.

I have taught Spanish for seven years on a collegiate level pace up until three years ago. 


I lived on the economy in southern Spain for 3-years, was a member of a Spanish music band where I was the co-lead singer with my husband. We traveled all over Southern Spain performing.

Served as a translator for my Spanish church in


A missionary to and lived for a short time in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

And for 7-years I taught homeschoolers in SC Spanish I and II privately and various co-ops.

This fall I will be offering the first time ever UCHU HONORS SPANISH 1 virtual class.

This opportunity is available for students of members of UCHU and for non-UCHU members. Members will have first seating opportunity in the class.

Details are:
*Registration will be on the UCHU application for members
*Classes will begin August 25, 2020
*Classes will be Tuesdays and Friday mornings.
*Course is for 7th-12th grade students.
*Course will be year long and in a group setting
*Computer/internet will be needed with Zoom option.
*Classes will be TWICE a week.
*This will be an HONORS credit class..
*60 total group classes. 

$175 per semester or 4 – $43.75 a month for UCHU MEMBERS

$225 per semester. 4 -$56.25 a month. for NON UCHU MEMBERS

UCHU MEMBERS will have first seating.
Minimum class size is 6. Maximum class size is 16.


Once registered I will inform you of the curriculum we will be using.

***Non-UCHU members may register for the class for their children. 
***First seating is available for UCHU Members first

***Out of state students may also join the class
A separate application will be available for their registration.
Get them in touch with me.

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry, UCHU owner/adminIstrator/director

4 thoughts on “UCHU HONORS Spanish 1 Virtual Class”

  1. Rekisha Hughes

    I would love a private class if in your opinion this would be a beneficial way to learn. I would like to maybe speak with you individually to hold a class or session for me and my two children ..I was thinking of sort of like two recordings from you and then once a week virtually or something like that. However, I am open to whatever you would consider. I majored in Spanish while in college and I never got to learn how to fluently speak the language 😞 so It’s still a true desire of mine to learn. I would like this class to be geared to focus more towards my kids though and not necessarily me if your in agreement to hold one for us. I would just learn/refresh as I go with them just so to have the focus being more on them. My goal is to get them to learn as young as they can . I think mainly because I was so passionate about it and loved the language.
    Spanish has been incorporated in my curriculum since the beginning of our homeschool journey, so they have been introduced to the language and (so far they love it 💕). I know with your help this would exceed my expectations towards reaching my goal for them. My daughter is 7 and my son is 3 just in case you need some what of an idea to decide if you would like to work with us or not 😊. Thanks

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