UCHU Field Trip Club!! Woohoo!

Field trip club logo.jpg

Amanda Sanford UCHU Field Trip Club director

Will you all help me welcome Amanda Sanford!!

This precious precious jewel has been hidden away within UCHU-AA waiting for UCHU Field Trip Club to be birthed.

Here is Amanda’s bio:

Amanda is 32 years old. Happily married wife of Adam Sanford. Together they have two children, Annebelle, 6 yrs old and Aiken, 15 months old. They love Jesus and love serving others. Amanda was an elementary teacher before having children and then resigned to stay home with their children. She loves teaching and finding new ways to open the door to learning for every child. Experiential learning is her favorite. She is somewhat new to homeschooling (1st official year under her belt) but she has loved it!

In the past Amanda handle all field trips for the public school in which she worked then transitioned to do the exact same job position for her church as a part-time employee.

Amanda is THRILLED AND EXCITED to dream of these field trips and invite you all along with her!!

Detailed information will be posted here and on www.UCHUnlimited.com

Please share with friends.
UCHU-AA members will be $25 per child (cap of $100 a family)
Non-UCHU-AA members will be $45 per child (cap $180 a family)

UFTC’s (UCHU Field Trip Club) is getting in gear:

* private fb page is being completed
* pinterest page that will assist in education and the field trips is being put in place
* membership application put in place
* finishing touches on our 1st quarter of field trips are under way.
* Earn field trip travel points (like frequent flyer miles)
* monthly trips Aug. – May, one over night trip quarter (one or two nights), one BIG trip for the school year!
* and more!

Whoa….Amanda is off and running!!!

Look for a separate post that will explain costs and how things will work!!

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry and Amanda Sanford!