Tuesdays Teach Them This: Narrowing Down College Choices

For many homeschooling families COLLEGE is a BIG deal.

For others…..not so much 🙂  And both thought processes about college is okay. 🙂

There…..I put it out there. 🙂

Still the same……..for those who have children looking at entering college being able to choose soberly can be a challenge, a place of frustration, time consuming and financially burdensome.

college just ahead

For this week’s *Tuesdays Teach Them This* I am sharing a blog post from a great resource.

Belinda Bullard is a godly homeschool mom that I have touched base with on a mutual facebook homeschool group. She is an amazing writer and encourager.

You can find Belinda over at “The Blessed Homeschool Chronicle.”

“5 Steps To Narrow Down Your College Choice” is the focus for the week at “The Blessed Homeschool Chronicle.” (click on the link above)

Take a moment to contemplate some thoughts that you may find encouraging and a topic in which to teach your high school students that are considering college.

I remember well when I was preparing for college I had about 10 schools of interest and my golly I wanted to apply to them all.

My parents paid lots of money in application fees so that I can *see* who would be interested in me.

I ended up getting a softball scholarship to a college not my choice. Ok….that was 20 something years ago. But I sure wish I knew these points of consideration mentioned in this week’s blog post back then.

Enjoy….. plan/choose well!

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU-AA Director/Administrator


2 thoughts on “Tuesdays Teach Them This: Narrowing Down College Choices”

  1. Thanks for sharing my post, and I have to say that I loved your testimony about your own experiences with the selection process. Yes, it is nice to be “asked to dance,” so to speak. Yet, we all have to be discerning about where we will eventually allow our children to grow at the next level (and where we invest a HEALTHY sum in helping them do it!)

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