Tuesday’s Teach Them This: Mathematics Around the World

Today’s “Tuesday’s Teach Them This” post is a unique twist in that you will be receiving an inside view of how mathematics is performed from different *math classes* around the world.

After viewing these videos it really makes me wonder if we – Americans aren’t really ……..

Well, *lazy* mathematicians.

Honestly, even common core math has some level of deep *thinking* involved.  But of course, we – homeschooling families want no parts of it.

Although Common Core math may seem…..well, cRaZy!!!

But what is really at the core of the issue at hand for our rejection of math that isn’t seemingly *easy* and straight forward.

multiplication pic

So, the question stands.

Are we as American’s lazy and just want things short and sweet?

Do we need to step up our game and even *embrace* common core mathematics  or some of these methods of math as shown in the video.

What do you think?

I certainly am intrigued by these other methods. But I sure don’t want to take the time to teach my children these different kinds of math processes. Or should I?


I think so. I like math short, simple and to the point. Even though it’s my favorite subject!!




Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry

UCHU Director/Administrator