Tuesday’s Teach Them This……African American History Month: Nannie Helen Burroughs

This month is African American History month. The month of February. 🙂

Like me, many of you have no clue about a lot of African American History. These historical facts just aren’t taught in schools nor so much in homeschool as a history subject to earn a credit for, save African American families. Normally many AA families will spend the month of February researching, teaching and having their children write reports about famous AA men or women in which they otherwise would know nothing about.

This month, my goal is to shine some light …OK…. A LOT OF LIGHT, on these unknown heroes, businessmen,  inventors, pave makers, who have done amazing things within the African American race and for collective history as a whole.

This week’s “Tuesday’s Teach them This” highlights

Nannie Helen Burroughs

click the link above to learn more about her.


This amazing woman was known for being an educator, Church leader and suffragist. She founded the National Training School for Women and Girls in Washington, D.C. in 1909.

Looking deeper into her life particularly interested me because:

1. My children are studying 20th century in our homeschool history.

2. She founded a national training school for women and girls. A modeling and prim/proper and trade school.  We both have a little something in common as far as spearheading/pioneering a school/academy.

3. Finally, she reminds me of my Aunt Marion. 🙂 Ha.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning about Ms. Burroughs.

This week take a moment and teach your children THIS for African American History month.