Thought Provoking Thursdays: Why Homeschool Moms Need Friends

I have a real and honest truth to disclose to YOU my readers.

Here it goes…….

When it come to *people*, in general, I can be very ambiguous..


I said it.


Let me explain. And YES it does relate to today’s post. πŸ™‚ Ha!

I have a great love and big heart for people.

I enjoy serving people.

Getting to know people.

I appreciate growing in community with people.

I thrive in hearing and learning about people.


Also, I tire of people.

Ok…..that was the disclosed truth that I was to vulnerably share. πŸ˜€

I LOVE people. Yet I TIRE of people quickly.

However, I love being with people more than I tire of being with people.

There is a secret that the Lord has shown me over the years is that ….

I…. YOU…..WE need each other.

Especially those who name the name of Christ.

Grant it…sometimes you may have to *go it* alone orΒ Β *stand it* alone……..

And I’ve done my share and am doing my share of that too.


God created us to need each other.


Today’s post speaks to this truth in a most clear, precise and to the POINT kind of a way.

I know that in this area where I homeschool and live people are starting to withdraw more and more when we actually need to connect, connect and connect.

My heart is to work towards COMMUNITY. Growing in relationship together. We need that more than we realize.

Yet, I believe the enemy of our souls seek to actively destroy this and we play into this so easily.

I’m tired. I’m busy. I don’t *feel* like it. They are phoneys. I don’t have friends. No one really wants to get together. On and On and On.

I pray that today’s post encourages your heart to connect with other homeschooling Moms. Make an effort to do so!

We must!

And watch what happens to your outlook on life.

What happens to your demeanor.

What happens to cynicism.

What happens to your heart.

What happens to your circle of friends (it will grow).

What will happen when our children see us working to keep relationships growing and developing.

I know……

Great things happen.

Make some homeschool Mom friends today! Tomorrow! As often as you can!

Work to build relationships with those you don’t know….Ha! That’ll be different. πŸ™‚

Why Homeschool Moms Need Homeschool Friends

by Misty

Click on the above link


Blessings for the journey.