Thought Provoking Thursdays: Curriculum: Tool or Tyrant?

stack of books

If not one else needs this weeks Thought Provoking Thursday…..I do!! <both arms raised>

So… new years resolution (if you will…..I say that super loosely) was to make a change in my homeschooling!

Make homeschooling academically challenging yet fun! And not mundane.

I will say that starting UCHU-STEAM Academy has and is helping in this area a lot.

My children are enjoying fun and learning beyond the curriculum.

Now…… truth be said…..

I am a curriculum junkie! Yes….My name is Angela and I like curricula. A lot.

I like curricula for lots of reasons……

*everything is right there

*it keeps me on schedule

*it brings a sense of order for my children in what’s next to be done

*they are colorful

*they are BOOKS!!

However, there is something to be said about curriculum…….

Is it being a TOOL or a TYRANT in our homeschooling!!


Now will YOU ponder, consider and contemplate this questions……..

Is YOUR curriculum, TOOL or TYRANT?

I hope this week’s post shine some light on this subject in helping you decipher just what YOUR curriculum is in your home.

I know it has for me.

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