Thought Provoking Thursdays: Bored of Education (video)

I was introduced to the following Christian-Follower of Christ music artist years ago. He’s not a *singing* artist but more sore a lyricists. He is poetic. He has deep meaning to his words. He’s “Propaganda.”

If you’ve never treated yourself to sit and enjoy his lyrical candy then you should. 🙂

When I came across this video this past week it stopped me in my *thinking* tracks.

Hey……that’s why *WE*, my husband and I homeschool.

He-Propaganda said it in such eloquence.

Think on this for this Thursdays Think on This Series…………

bored of edcuation

Fortunately, we are discovering continually as we homeschool the benefits of homeschooling and not putting our trust in the Board of Education. I think we have frankly become bored.