Thought Provoking Thursdays: A New Hat (Guest Blogger)

Why Homeschool moms should have a home based business.

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Today is a busy day!

Let’s see, is today meal planning day or laundry day?

Wait, how many appointments are scheduled this week?

No, wait, a play date is scheduled later.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

As women and as homeschool moms specifically, we are always wearing many hats. We are the caterer, personal driver, event coordinator, curriculum expert, etc. in addition to being wife and mom.

Throughout all of the busyness of your life, yes I am going to add one more hat to your collection.

Here’s the business owner hat, just for you!

Yes, you should have a business, a home based business.

Some use the term Mom Preneur. I like the term, Homeschool-Preneur!

I am going to share with you 6 reasons why you should have a home based business.

But First A Short Story.

As a child I always had aspirations to be “someone great.” First I wanted to be a model, then a lawyer, then an accountant. By the time I was well into my undergraduate accounting work, I knew that I didn’t want to be an accountant for the rest of my life. Of course, I wanted to finish my degree, “just in case.”

I added a backup major as well, “just in case.”Fast forward, years later, I started realizing that I wanted to be the one to set my income. There were many dreams and goals that I wanted to accomplish that goes beyond a 9 to 5 job. There is nothing wrong with having a job, but I wanted something to help fund my dreams, an extra “just in case.”

Reasons to Start a Home Based Business.

Here are 6 Reasons to start a home based business.

These reasons should promote excitement, stir up a desire to begin, and provide encouragement to keep moving forward.

  1. Extra income for your household.
  2. A great way to connect with like minded friends
  3. Use your gifts and talents to help others.
  4. Teach children entrepreneurship and how to create wealth.
  5. Lighten your husband’s work load.
  6. Live your dream;

Who doesn’t like extra income! Make every amount, count.  The average household has over $129,000 of debt!  As a homeschool-preneur, you can use that extra income to start chipping away at that debt.

If you are debt free, that is fantastic! You can increase your emergency fund or college fund!

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Who you give your time to is very important. When you are trying to move forward you want to be connected to people that share similar values, people that have the same drive as you do.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” –Jim Rohn

Wow, do you believe this?

I challenge you to write down the 5 people that you spend the most time with. What are their goals? What do they like to do? How has their life impacted you? Are they moving forward, staying the same, or moving backwards?

Friends should propel each other to move forward.

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17.

As an entrepreneur you have a greater reach to use your gifts and talents to help others. Get your children involved! Children tend to model the behavior of their parents. If they see you stepping out of the box, into a path of uncertainty, they will be willing to take a risk and create their own businesses as well.

How many of you have husbands that work crazy hours? Work out of town? Wouldn’t you like to lighten his load? There are countless stories that I hear about ladies being able to match their husband’s income just by having a part time business.

Could you imagine being able to retire your husband from his job?

A great way to lighten the load is to get the entire family involved.  Initially, you may have to do the bulk of the work. Being consistent and doing a little each day will eventually pay off!

Ladies, it is time to live our dreams! Your dream may be to retire your husband, travel across the world, or fund an orphanage.

Whatever, it may be, a home based business could jump start your dream!

So how do you get started?

  • Write down your goals.
  • Break your goals down in detail as to how much money you will need.
  • Write down what your gifts and talents are.
  • Seek out opportunities where you can use your gifts and talents. is a great resource that you can utilize.
  • Start personal development: changing your mindset helps you keep moving forward.
  • Do something that leads you into the business that you are building.
  • Stay consistent.
  • Start a mastermind group of like minded individuals that will challenge you and provide accountability.

My prayer is that you will pick up your homeschool-preneur hat and get started.

You can do it!

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Hicunni Chandler is the co owner of The Chandler Learning & Development Center, LLC, where their main goal is to encourage, equip, and educate homeschool entrepreneurs through online coaching and their membership community.

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