Thought Provoking Thursday: What I Would Tell A New Homeschool Mom


Every single homeschool mom has been a NEW homeschool mom.

We ALL have to learn the ropes of it. And figure out how to dispel the horrors or the concerns of *Am I going to mess up my child’s education.*

I have a life long saying that, “Time heals all wounds.”


I know that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. But it certainly can be changed around a bit to show it’s significance.

“Time makes better even the worse.” (Ok I thought of that on the fly.) Ha.

But you get the point.


It’s a friend.

And with any *TIME* things get better. You learn new things. You gain great connections. Better understanding. And balance.


That’s a wonderful word too that New homeschool Moms need to learn. Give yourself GRACE to grow into your new role as home educator to your beloved children.

Yes….it’s a new *job.* But like any of the 1,000’s of jobs we Moms have, we finally do learn how to do it well. 🙂

It just takes TIME!

This blog post “What I Would Tell A New Homeschool Mom” is great words of encouragement.

Encouragment for the veteran and the newby homeschooler a like. 🙂

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