Thought Provoking Thursday: Life Lessons Often Overlooked

As homeschoolers, we are daily working on moral maturity and character development.

No one know,s like the home educator, the daily happenings that we are having to correct, discipline or discuss with our children.

We see the *good*, *bad* and the *ugly* of their character, attitudes and temperaments.

However, somethings we don’t often get a chance to bring instruction or correction to unless we are *right dab* in the mist of it.

Today’s post is one of those such subjects.

To my awareness and perhaps to yours I’ve never discussed with my children what they should do if put in a certain situation. I would hope that my children would *do the right thing.* But since I don’t know or don’t know for sure, this is a subject we will be discussing around the dinner table during our family worship time.

So…..what would your child do if what happened in this article occurred right before you?

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