Thought Provoking Thursday: Is Less More?

Complete the math curriculum.

Start educating at age four.

Skip grade levels.

Dual enroll and take AP classes.

Learn all the states, capitals, countries, topography of the entire world in this ONE homeschooling year.

Participate in three different sports and extra curricular activities.

Our list of accomplishments and expectations grows and grows like a looming monster with each child.

More to do. More to accomplish. More. More. More.

But at what point is more…..too much!

Many countries of the world educate differently. Finland at the top of the list for havingĀ different educational thoughts.

If the truth be said as American’s we whole-heartedly believe that we must DO – MUCH to be successful.

Today’s blog post will challenge your thoughts.

It will challenge your worldview.

May even cause us to rethink that which drives us in our homeschooling.

11 Ways Finland’s Education Shows Us that Less is More

less is more

So homeschooling friend, what did this post speak to you?

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