Thought Provoking Thursday: Good in Everyday

Some days, if you are like me, you just wanna stay in bed.

Pull the cover up over you head and just BE!

Have no duties for the day and no schooling *that you must do* for the day.

But as Moms *on duty* we don’t get that privilege.

Well not often any way unless you treat yourself to a three day weekend away from everyone at a bed and breakfast and tell everyone not to call you unless they are heading to the hospital or the house is on fire or they completely don’t know what to do or there is completely no food in the house and that they need to pretend for that weekend they have no Mom but they really do and she will meet them at church on Sunday because she is blissfully enjoying her time away from Thursday evening until Sunday morning walking through the cottage full of joy, excitement and revelry that she can’t even stand herself all because the entire place is quite, clean, beautiful and there is no work to do and no one else to feed and she is so excited that she purchases flowers for her to enjoy while she eats her gourmet dinner she cooked alone and get to eat alone in quite and enjoys her delicious breakfast with classical music playing in the back ground all day every day while essential oils are being perfumed throughout the cottage and horses neighing outside each morning as the sun rise and……… 


That was a great memory……………….. of my bed and breakfast get away ALL BY MYSELF a few weeks ago. I do it quarterly.


Ok….back to the blog post on hand….

Look for the good in every day…………..but you have to get out of bed first. 🙂

Enjoy today with your children as you homeschool and live life with them.

I dare you to find some good today! 🙂

Good in everyday