Thought Provoking Thursday: Are you Preparing Your 5 year old for the Workforce?

If the title of this week’s “Thought Provoking Thursday” blog *seem* a little weird THEN …………


As not to spoil this week’s featured article, please think on the implications of *preparing your 5 year old for the workforce” really means.

After all, our little ones need to began learning what the *real world* is all about. ………..

Or do they?

This week’s article provides some thought provoking elements to it.

I know I had to *think and ponder* it.

I hope you think on it and as you do………..

I appreciate your comments.

Share what spoke to you and if you agree or disagree with this article.

Are there other possible alternatives?

How do you keep the preparation in balance?

Preparing My 5 Year Old for the Workforce

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children and workforce

Think on it!