Though Provoking Thursday: A Mom Sets the Tone

The tone of the house is set by the Mom.

Have you ever heard this before?

Years ago when I was a much younger Mom I went through a course at my church called “Keeper of the Home.”

In this class I learned all aspects of being a wife and mother of my home.

From decorating.

From cooking.

From hospitality.

From rearing my children.

From being a wife.

From taking care of myself.

From keeping house clean.

From keeping Christ the center of it all.

From budgeting.

From setting a table.

And…….the truth that a Mom sets the tone of the home.

One thing that I give the Lord glory for is that I’ve always received praise to the fact that when people come to visit our home they feel like going to sleep in my house. I’ve always heard that.

At first I wasn’t sure if that meant I was “boring.”

So after hearing this over and over again I finally *boldly* inquired of my visitor what does that mean she says she always wants to take a nap when she comes to my home.

She shared that my home is so calm, peaceful, relaxing, warm and such a good *spirit* there.

Oddly enough with TEN people living in my home we had a visitor come a few weeks ago. My husband, he and I ended up standing and talking for a bit. And I offered him to sit down and relax. He said that if he did he would surely go to sleep. That this country, fresh air of the mountains and the peacefulness of our home is so relaxing. 🙂

Well…….I can’t say that our home *always* feel that way. But I sure am thankful for those peaceful moments.

Those peaceful hours.

Those peaceful days.

When there is peace. And in some small way…..I helped set the mood.

Here is a link that I pray you find helpful regarding the area of anger and setting the tone of your home as moms.

We are the keeper of our homes. And we certainly desire to have a place where our family can come and enjoy the *tone* of our home so much that it becomes their favorite place to be. 🙂

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