Teach Them This Tuesday: Don’t Limit Yourself

the only limits on your life are those you set yourself (1).jpg

As a little girl I remember dreaming of so many things I wanted to become once I grew up.

I’m sure you did also.

And honestly, for all of us, once we became adults, real life, we stopped dreaming.

What happened?

Why did we stop?

Most of us settled and didn’t reach the dreams we once had.

We’ve always heard that, “the sky is the limit.

While I do believe this is true, I also believe that we often build a ceiling where once the sky was.

For our children we should help them to “keep their dreams alive.”

Dreams of becoming an astronaut, scientist, artists, cardboard model maker (I have a child with this dream), violin professional, veterinarian, motivational speaker etc.

The list goes on.

Additionally, as our children take hold of these dreams we need to teach them not to allow fear to hault them from pursuing those dreams.

Around pre-teen and teen age this is when their own creation of fear causes them to stop reaching for their dreams.

Teach them to dreams.

Teach them to face fear and conquer it.

Teach them to live courageously.

Teach them that the sky truly is the limit.

If they believe it they can achieve it!

Teach them to place ……

No limits on their dreams.

Nor on themselves!

The only limits on their lives are those that they place on themselves.

Teach Them This!


Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry,

UCHU owner/director/administrator