Monday’s Message:

don't wish it was easier pray you become better (1).jpg

If anyone ever tells you that homeschooling is easy…..they are not being truthful.

The reality is that HOMESCHOOLING is challenging. It’s down right hard sometimes.

So the questions is, why do so many families “still” homeschool?

After all….

who signs up for “hard stuff?”

who volunteers for “added challenges to life?”

who decides to “take on the daunting?”

Yea….homeschoolers. That’s who!

We look at the resulting benefits and then decide….

It’s worth it!

The wisdom in homeschooling and in life is not to wish it was easier.

But pray that we become better!

Anything that is worth it may not necessarily come easy but in the process we should become better.

Don’t loose heart. You’ve joined the ranks along with many others who are triumphing in the homeschooling journey and/or have finished strong.

Here’s to becoming better!


Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry,

UCHU owner/director/administrator