UCHU Services Provided for Members

UCHU Members Enjoy the following services and resources accessible to them

Your membership includes (these are not extra cost):
*Legal status to homeschool in South Carolina
*Transcript completion
*Report Card completion
*High School Ranking
*Honors Syllabus review and consultation
*Yearly Homeschool Individualized Graduation Planning (6th-12th grade)
*Entry into UCHU’s Community Discord
*Monthly Homeschool MasterMind Virtual Meet-Ups
*Individual Coaching/Consulting session (extra fee)
***Refer a friend that joins UCHU and receive 45-min FREE homeschool coaching Angela Fafali.
*Monthly Newsletters
*24/7 support via email/text messaging to Angela Fafali
*Palmetto Fellows scholarship application completion (for qualified students)

Optional items you can add to membership for additional fees:
*Kindergarten Diploma
*1st thru 11th grade Diplomas
*Senior Graduating Diploma
*1 hour of 1-on-1 Homeschool Coaching (with Angela Fafali)
*Private Coaching Services with Teisha Shelby-Houston
*Learning Disabilities Support with Susan Blackwell
*The Homeschool Start Up (video coaching) www.UCHUThirdOption.com/the-homeschool-upstart
*The Homeschool Upstart Ultimate Homeschool Yearly Planner
*The Homeschool Upstart Option 3 Record Keeping Journal
*Homeschoolers’ Affirmations and Gratitude Journal – Parent
*Homeschoolers’ Affirmations and Gratitude Journal – Student