See you at the end of the (homeschool) bridge.


“I don’t want to screw up my children’s education.”

“I’m not confident I can do this.”

“All of these homeschooling laws just scare me.”

Being a homeschooling Mom for 16 years I’ve heard more reason of fear to homeschool than reasons people feel they KNOW they should homeschool.

Fear is no joke.

It WILL paralyze us from doing even what we know we should do or what we feel we desperately MUST do.

Personally, I’m not afraid to homeschool. I’ve had enough time and experience to see that YOU DON’T SCREW UP YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION. You teach them to become learners and they learn.


I am dealing with a place of fear in my own life right now. Fear of failure. Business failure.

The fear stems from not feeling that ‘success’ is for me. Only for those who are…… (fill in the blank).

Needless to say this is the little monkey that I constantly have to kick out of my mind.


I know this to be a lie. Equal opportunity is there for everyone. I’m not afraid to do. It’s the lie that tries to keep me from doing.

I imagine that this is the same with homeschooling.

Why can’t a parent do a good job in directing their child’s education? (providing the parents has a GED or higher according to Option 3 laws)

After all, this is what homeschooling is.


The lies…..

This is something that can ONLY be done by those parents that are rich.

Or only by those parents that have a college degree.

Or only by those parents that _______________ (fill in the blank.)

It’s all untrue.

So like me…..even if you are scared and really feel that success isn’t there for you…..You’ve ‘gotta’ do it any way.

The possibility of success is more likely if the effort is put forth vs. not doing anything.

Not doing anything already affords the likelyhood of no success.

So….kick the monkey out of your head daily, moment by moment (if need be) and move forward.

The only one that will stop you is YOU!

See you at the end of the bridge. 🙂

And just in case you are scared……just do it any way!

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry,

UCHU director/administrator/director