Ready to remove your child from public school to homeschool here in South Carolina? (video)

We are just a week away from the month of November. If you didn’t know it there is a trend that ALWAYS occurs during this time of the year.

Families are ready to transition from public school to homeschool. They have begrudged through public school for a semester and are contemplating be BIG SHIFT during the coming holiday break in December.

Membership sky rockets as folks say,

‘they have had enough.’

My phone rings, my email inbox gets full and fb messages increase.

‘How do I get started homeschooling my child?’ Is the question of the season.

The below video will give you the details you need to know on the process of withdrawing your students from public school in order to homeschool them.

It is a two year old video but the content is the same.

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions on how you can get started homeschooling in South Carolina as the December/January holiday is upon us. (to schedule a phone chat)
United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited fb page to send me a message.


Serving You and Yours!! – Angela