My Homeschool Journey

Eight years of homeschooling, I do not regret my decisions at all. I enjoy spending time with my two sons on a daily basis from baking dishes to exploring new places and learning new information together.

Homeschooling is amazing for my family. It creates a strong family bond, and I can instill my beliefs and values into my children.

In addition, I can include my children interests in the lessons.

For example, my youngest son’s interest is lions. I can teach a science lesson about lions and their habitats and locations. Not only is my son learning science but he is learning geography (location), this is how I combine two subjects into one lesson.

Besides the joys of spending time with my family, adding lessons based on my children’s interest, homeschooling allows me an opportunity to teach

life skills throughout the day.

For instance, I teach my kids how to do their laundry, clean their rooms (struggle at times), personal hygiene, mowing the lawn, planting fruits and vegetables and other home and outdoor chores too.

I enjoy homeschooling and spending time with my family.

I highly recommend homeschooling to my friends and family.

Are you excited to homeschool?

Have a great day!!!

Stay Safe!!!

Live Life To The Fullest, You Deserve It!!!

My name is Denise. I am a wife and mother. I have been married for a total of 15 years to my best friend, handsome, and supportive husband Tim. Besides being a wife, I am the mother to two smart, fun, loving, and handsome boys Tyron and Tyson. I am the mother to two fur babies my Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) Ebony and Shaka Zulu. Along with being a wife and mother, I am a blogger. My website is Along with being a blogger, I have a YouTube channel Deveghomemama and Facebook page Deveghomemama both are all about homeschooling, being plant based, and everyday life of a homeschool family.  I have an online T-shirt business called Unlimited Custom Designs. To view my merchandise, here is the link I have homeschooled for a total of eight years. I enjoy homeschooling, and I enjoy sharing my advice with others.