Monday’s Message: Does homeschooling and consistentcy mix?

A few things I’ve been learning about the Law of Consistency by John C. Maxwell has been mind blowing. These truths apply¬†to homeschooling as it does to personal life and business.

1. Consistentcy establishes your reputation.
2. Consistentcy is a prerequisite to excellence.
3. Consistentcy provides security to others.
4. Consistentcy reinforces your vision and your value.
5. Consistentcy compounds.

If the focus and priority is homeschooling….then keep doing it and not give up. You will see the fruit of that consistentcy.

The sun does the same thing everything day.
It rises.
Provides us with heat.
Provides us with light.
And a lot of other things we depend on every day from its CONSISTENTCY.

Be like the sun…Rise daily to shine. Shine through your homeschooling.consistent-like-the-rising-sun-1

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry,

UCHU owner/director/administrator