Messy Monday: Oreo Phases of the Moon

Sitting her in my hotel room while at the Florida Parents Educators Association Special Need Conference…….I’m hungry! Just ran three miles in the gym and my tank is now on Empty!

As I see this project I think it’s a GREAT idea…….because….(like I said) I. am. hungry.!!!

However, I think that this is going to be a great project (though not a messy one on this Messy Monday).

Great way to enjoy a snack. Learn about the different phases of the moon. And do something fun – with their hands! 🙂 (and mouths) (Wish I could be eat something.)


Go to this link to learn more>>>>>>>>>>> Oreo Phases of the Moon

oreo phases of the moon

In this link you will find the background, the details of how to explain this and all you need to know to create your edible masterpiece of art!


Angela P.