Messy Monday: Setting Boundaries with our Children ………Cleaning up some *stinkin thinkin*

Today’s post is definitely for this Messy Monday.

Cleaning Up some ‘stinkin thinkin.’

I personally have never discussed or shared with other mothers this area of liberation that I experienced in my life as it relates to today’s posts that is so poignantly shared.

I guess, I never did so because in the back of my mind the idea of *setting boundaries* in the life of my children (particularly the ones I had set)  might be looked at as if I was less than what a *Mother should* be or do.
(Not that I care what other Moms may think of me. 🙂 Because I really don’t.)
Or maybe I never shared or had conversations with Moms regarding boundaries I set with my children or boundaries they may consider setting with their children because, simply, they may not be ready for those types of boundary setting yet.
In addition to the levels of freedom I felt within myself by setting boundaries or changing up the things that I had always done with my older children vs. my younger children was *at times* unsettling to me yet I knew that they were okay.
Change was okay, right?
No one would feel *left out or short changed, right?*
Yet, if they did then would this be the end of the world for them?
Would it scar them?
I pray that today’s blog post from Chrystal Hurst will encourage your heart, clean up some *Messy* thinking and bring some liberation and freedom to you.
I’d like to hear what you think about today’s post. Take a few moments after reading to share your thoughts. Thanks in advance. 🙂
by Chrystal Hurst
setting boundaries
Be encouraged!
What boundaries do you feel you need to implement with your children?