Messy Monday: Boredom is Good!

In our lives of advanced technology many of us homeschooling families have done our due diligence in keeping our children up to speed with the latest technology. Most of our children want for nothing in the area of technology.

However, in doing so have we deprived our children in learning how to be creative minus technology?

Have we, as loving, concerned parents ensured entertainment for our growing children so they do not have to wrestle with boredom?

I learned some time ago, when my oldest children were little, that boredom is a wonderful opportunity to become imaginative.

The following article is ABSOLUTELY excellent in reiterating this point.

The fact that our children often cause us to feel that part of our job description as Moms is to entertain them and ensure that they are occupied with pleasure.

Nothing can be further from the TRUTH.

I even had a Mom talk with me a few years ago about what play do I do with my children. Well for me there are eight of them. They can play with each or create their own play APART from electronics. AND ME!

I do believe electronics/technology has it’s place. But it mustn’t have it’s place ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

Enjoy this article and hopefully it will help clean up some thinking for you on this Messy Monday post.

Boredom is Good is for You

Boredom Is Good For You