Messy Monday: Batik Fabric with Crayons

This is so super cool!!!

I used the word *freakin* when I described it to my husband and I DON’T EVEN USE THAT WORD. I guess that expresses how cool I think this weeks Messy Monday fun day project is. :/   or 🙂

I hope to do this with my children with my *non-crafy* self.

Some supplies will have to be purchased and sadly some crayons sacrificed. But

But I do think you will like the end results!! Please share pics if you decide to complete this Messy Monday’s project.

Ok… are the instructions >>>>> Batik Fabric with Crayons <<<< Click on <<< that blue hyper link to get directed to the instructions.

But here’s a pic. 🙂

Batik Fabric coloring #1Batik Fabric coloring #2


Angela P.