Looking for a GPA calculator?

Ever wondered how to calculate your high school students GPA?

DonnaYoung.org is a great place to go ‘paroozing’ if you have extra time on your hand or if you are looking for something specific.

On her site she has a GPA calculator. Here ya go! Click on the link below. IT’S FREE!


Understanding the Gradeppoint Conversion for SC will help too. Find it below at the link. 🙂


The above link explains points for honors courses, dual credit courses, advanced placement and international baccalaureate courses (AP), as well as how to calculate your gpa by calculator.

Always check with your accountability association to find out when they would like your student’s numerical grades submitted in order to provide their accountability association  transcript on your behalf.

Every association is different in what they may desire:

grades submitted midterm and final and by specific dates

at the end of the four year period

yearly along with students completed work for the year to ensure grades are true and accurate

It truly varies.

Some colleges and military units will accept a parent generated transcript. However, as of recent many universities, technical schools and the military are often looking for the third party drafted and created transcript.

If those schools/universities are located in our state most understand that an accountability association can and will verify grades and provide the transcript.

Just be sure to check with the requirements of the accountability association.

Be sure to check what the future technical college or university or military branch would prefer.

Happy Calculating!! 🙂