Life after UCHU Yahoo Group…what’s down the pipeline?

what to expect

As mentioned in previous post….UCHU Yahoo Group page will be dissolving and closing.

United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited (UCHU) is designed to SERVE the homeschooling families of UCHU Accountability Association, UCHU STEAM Academy and UCHU Field Trip Club as practically as needed.

UCHU provides a variety of facebook pages. As a UCHU member you may join them. Membership will be confirmed before membership is granted.

Homeschooling Families that desire to join any of these fb pages THAT ARE NOT MEMBERS OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED GROUPS will have a fee to be paid at $10 annually (July to July) which will allow them into all pages

*UCHU Accountability Association: Providing Option 3 accountability for homeschooling families with students Pre-School/Kindergarten through 11th grade. UCHU-AA do not receive rising 12th grade students due to ranking.

*UCHU Homeschool Consignment:

a Facebook page for homeschooling families to sale any desired items or to promote their businesses.

However…..non UCHU members may participate as consignors in the yearly UCHU Homeschool Consignment. But may not join and sale on the UCHU Consignment page.

*UCHU Homeschool Support:

The purpose of UCHU Homeschool Support Group is to provide support to families with focuses of homeschool questions, guidance, encouragement, direction, insights, creative homeschooling needs and the like.

*UCHU Field Trip Club ($25 per child fee):

A Facebook page for homeschooling families that desire to have planned field trips to choose from, enjoy discount group costs, Pinterest support for home school education that supports the various field trips, yearly planned travel to enjoy with other homeschoolers and their children.

*UCHU Special Needs

A facebook page for homeschooling families who need support as they are homeschooling students with Special Needs. This group is open to the Homeschool community at large.

*UCHU Politics:
A Facebook page for homeschooling families to discuss, learn and be educated on the happenings of politics in our community and country. Discuss at your own risk.

*UCHU Let’s Eat:

A Facebook page for homeschooling families to discuss creative breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. Homeschooling Moms are always looking for new menus, creative food options, healthy eating resources, good deals and sales that’s out there for us to take advantage of. Share pics of your meals, make videos of your creative food making….Be creative. But make our mouths water!!!

*UCHU – The Homeschool Blab:

More information coming on this homeschooling service.


As UCHU member or Not you are welcome to follow:

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Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry, UCHU Owner/Moderator/Administrator

and UCHU Coordinators


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