How Do You Celebrate Milestone Or New Chapters in Your Child’s Life?

Birthday Celebrations are very important to my family. This is a time when everyone comes together and spends quality time celebrating a love one.

On Monday November 9th, my family celebrated our oldest son’s thirteenth birthday.

Being a teenager is a huge milestone and transition journey towards manhood for my son, this is why we decided to allow my son to do something special to celebrate his transition.

This is why my husband and our oldest son made a decision for his 13th birthday to have his ears pierced to symbolize his

Rite of Passage.

Giving a little history, “the practice dates back at least 5,000 years, thanks to the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman’s mummy. Ötzi the Iceman lived during the late 4th millennium B.C. (i.e. closer to 3001 B.C. than 4000 B.C.)

In addition to the physical proof of ear piercing in ancient times that Ötzi the Iceman’s mummy provides, there are also many references to ear piercings in ancient artwork and documents from around the globe.

For instance, in the ancient Persian city Persepolis, there are carvings on the inner walls of the palace that depict male soldiers adorned with earrings. The ancient Egyptians also pierced their ears, as evidenced by earrings found in the tombs of Tutankhamen (King Tut) and other pharaohs.

Fast forward to Biblical times, and you’ll find that there are also references to ear piercing in the Bible. The book of Genesis describes Abraham’s son Isaac giving his future wife, Rebekah, a “Shanf”, which directly translates to “golden earring” but was actually a nose ring.

In Exodus, Aaron told the Israelites to bring him their sons’ and daughters’ earrings and other jewelry so that he could make a golden idol for them to satisfy their demands for a god to worship while Moses was up on Mount Sinai. These are just two examples of the references to earrings in the Bible.

Although ear piercing was considered an effeminate practice in western civilization for many years, both men and women now get their ears pierced with almost equal frequency.”(Laura, 2015)

In my opinion, this was a huge decision for my son to make. This is something that he will always remember every time he looks in the mirror.

Having his ears pierced, it began the transition into his journey. It was a permanent decision that his Dad and him made to mark his transition.

Besides having his ears pierced, my son enjoyed a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cake (Vegan of course) made and decorated by my husband, enjoyed playing one of his favorite game Skylander’s, eating his favorite food pizza, and participating in a video call with his Aunties for his birthday.

On his birthday, everyone sings Happy Birthday, and my sisters-in-laws set up a video call to participate in the celebration.

Video calls is something new added to the way that we celebrate birthdays since COVID-19 began and everyone has busy schedules.

My son had an amazing birthday. We are looking forward to seeing how he transitions into an adolescent/teenager and providing the much needed support throughout his journey.

Celebrating new milestones or chapters in life are very important because they mark the new beginnings.

What are some ways that you celebrate milestones or new chapters in your family?

Do you have a birthday party or do you celebrate at home with family and friends only?

Have a great day!!!!

Happy Homeschooling!!!

Live Life To The Fullest, You Deserve It!!!!

Source: Laura. (2015, June 27). History Of Ear Piercings. Retrieved from PainfulPleasures:

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