How Covid19 is affecting Homeschooling in South Carolina! Here are the details. (YouTube video included)

Covid19 is the focus of the day.

When it comes to home educating your children in South Carolina many are wondering how the major changes with public school (now ‘forced’ homeschooling) is affecting those of us who legally homeschool under Option 3.

Well…..that is a GREAT question.

The below video on the United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited YouTube channel should answer most of your questions.

For the most part….. homeschoolers who are legally homeschooling and have been doing so before Covid19 really don’t have to worry about the major affects that has taken place with public school.

South Carolina homeschoolers have to continue with:

*maintaining your attendance and….

attendance record

*maintaining record keeping (daily journally, bi-annual progress reports, creating your child(ren)’s academic portfolio, maintaining studies in the required subjects under Option 3)

What we can’t do now that Covid19 is on the rise:

*field trips




Basically….that’s about all.

Keep doing what you’ve been doing before Covid19 and you will be okay on your homeschooling journey.

If you have questions or need clarification let me know.

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Stay well and stay healthy!!

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