Homeschooling Brain Breaks



Loosing Focus.


Short Attention Span.


These are all great reasons to incorporate Brain Breaks in and throughout the learning day for our homeschooling students.

It’s just a BREAK from the rigor of BRIAN work.

A 10 minute break. Or more. Focusing on something else can make a huge difference in children’s learning, interest and focus. 🙂

Read this article to learn more. >>>> Brain Breaks: An Energizing Time-Out  (click on the blue lettering which is a link to the actual article.)


I went on the hunt in search for various types of Brain Breaks. You probably already do a number of different things in your homeschooling day that works for your children. 

Please share those things in the comment section!! 🙂

However, down below you will find a list of links that are suggestive Brain Breaks. I do not affirm or qualify these things as promises that they will work for your child. These are just suggestions to try or help spur you on to your own ideas or creative Brain Breaks that you can use while home educating your child. 🙂



~Angela P.

Just click on the the title in blue lettering down below and it will take you to the actual website for these suggested Brain Breaks. 🙂

There are a ton of them out there so just do a search on Brain Breaks. 🙂


Brain Breaks: An important tool for every parent

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Minds in Bloom

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20- Brain Break Clips: Fight the Fidgeting

Brain Breaks video: Shake your sillies out

Brain Breaks: Dancing Robot video

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