Homeschoolers, there’s a snake in my boot!

As I started my day early in the dark of morning preparing for my homeschool Academy day the following phrase came to me, “There’s a snake in my boot!”

Crazy thought, I know! Lol!

However, I imagined it would be a catchy title for a Funny Friday blog post.

Or intriguing at the least.

As I was busy ALL DAY LONG teaching at UCHU STEAM Academy this phrase didn’t come to my mind at all.


As soon as I walked back into my house the phrase, “There’s a snake in my boot!” came back to my mind with a little chuckle as I thought about this saying made famous from the kid movie ‘Toy Story.”

As I’m here thinking over this bizzarre and out of place exclamation I thought I’d sit down and take a moment to ponder on this seemingly ‘nonsensical’ and dazzling lingering statement.

Slouched down in my cozy chair in front of the blazing fire warming my chilled house and my cold feet meditating on this silly phrase for a while I now can say with definiteness…..

“Homeschoolers, there IS a snake in my boot?


And YOU need one in your boot too!! Hahaha!!!

Let me break it down to you.

I don’t know about you but if there was indeed a snake in my boot I’d jump up, kick that darn boot off my foot, scream to the top of my lungs and cry like a baby that just was handed a serious pinching on its buttocks.

I mean, I’d move so fast you wouldn’t know what in the world hit me.

The scene of the little boy in the movie, “Home Alone”, comes to my mind.

Running-screaming-hands flailing over head wildly-like-fire was in my underware, type of scenario.

Can you see it? Ok…great visual I hope.

You see….I DO NOT LIKE snakes at all!!!!

At all!!!

But you know what….It’s nothing like a snake in your boot to get you moving!!

I mean moving and moving fast.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

What’s a ‘stikin’ snake in my boot for? Like really?!

Oh….. yea…..

The snake was in my boot because it wanted to get somewhere nice, cozy, warm…safe.

To become still and stagnant.

The opposite of what I want or NEED to do in my homeschooling. Or in my life!!

Needless to say, that snake was positioned in MY BOOT to get me….. Moving!

Sometimes we don’t get moving….I mean REALLY MOVING until we are provoked to do so!

“Homeschoolers, there’s a snake in my boot.”

As a visionary, leader and entrepreneur…….yeah, wife and homeschooling mom, I’m always dreaming up the next something.

Never quite satisfied with the status quo.

Never content with what I’ve accomplished or goal reached.

There’s always more.

More to do.

More to dream.

More to accomplish.

More to get out of balance (you’d understand this statement if you read my blog post from 12.8.16 “MYTH: Homeschooling and Balanced Life.)

I’m thinking it’s time to get moving on some things that I’ve been stagnant in.

Get moving onward.

Oh yeah…… “There’s a snake in my boot.”

I’ll share more about those things in the new year for 2017.

Ahhhhh……. and YOU??

Do you have a snake in YOUR boot?

Go ahead, stick yo’ foot down in their deep….

Maybe some of you need to stick it down in there reaaallllly deep… 🙂

There it is!

You ‘got’ a snake in your boot too.

Let it propel you up and out of your comfort zone.

Running. Screaming. Arms Flailing. Moving like crazy!

Moving out of any stagnation in your homeschooling, in your life, in yourself as a Mom/Dad/Grandma.

That’s right….there is nothing like a good ‘ole’ snake in your boot to get you mooovvvinggg!







Because like me…..I think you have the same situation going on.

“There’s a snake in my boot.”

You just didn’t realize it was there until …..I said it! 🙂 Ha!

I’d be ecstatic to hear your thoughts about this phrase…..“There’s a snake in my boot.”

Hit the comment button and comment below.

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Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry,

UCHU owner/director/administrator

Angela Jordan Perry, is a wife of 24 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children, entrepreneur, mad’am farmer, Toastmaster and follower of Christ. Angela and her family makes their home in Campobello, SC.