Homeschool Forms/Paperwork on

One vital part to homeschooling is being administratively ‘on top’ of things while homeschooling.


In our state if you homeschool under Option 3 we must:

*keep attendance

*keep a portfolio of our children’s work

*calculate credits

*decide a plan of action for courses/classes for our children through high school

*keep progress reports

*give and administer grades (if we want)

*arrange for testing of various sorts (if we want)

*transcripts, report cards (if we want)

*and the list continues.


Well, I have provided a lot of help in that area.

Have you looked under the tab ‘Homeschool Resources?’

If not, there you will find resources that are developing and that is there to help in each subject matter.

However, there is one tab that says “Homeschool Forms.”


There  you will find:

*attendance record forms

*4-year plan forms (for high school aged)

*Sample transcript

*Sample course description forms and blank course description forms

*Course listing ideas


Keep checking back as I am continually adding things to this list to help you stay on top of things administratively within your homeschool. 🙂


If you are looking for something specific please let me know. I may have it but just not posted it yet. 🙂

These are helpful tools and “not MUST haves” to use because I posted them. You may have created some your own that you’d like to share with the homeschooling community. I’d be more than happy to post those resources for you. 🙂