The Homeschool Upstart Journal: For South Carolina Option 3 Homeschool Record Keeping - Up to Four Students.

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The Homeschool Upstart Journal for South Carolina Option 3 Homeschool Record Keeping - Up to Four Students presented by The Homeschool Upstart is created for those families homeschooling under Option 3 in South Carolina.

The home educator and/or student (depending on their age) will find this record keeping journal most effective in satisfying the South Carolina Option 3 legal requirements.

The homeschool association in which you are a member and receiving legal homeschool status in order to homeschool DOES NOT affect the necessary recording keeping you must maintain. In other words, you can be a member with any South Carolina Option 3 homeschool association and utilize this journal.

The homeschooling method you are using does not matter. Rather traditional homeschooling, unschooling, classical homeschooling, Charlotte Mason homeschooling etc……. This journal is for YOU!!

Across the board, all South Carolina Option 3 homeschooling families need this record keeping journal.
Without a doubt you will benefit from this record keeping journal. Greatly! It will serve you well.

Think of The South Carolina Option 3 Homeschool Record Keeping Journal as your one stop shop for your required homeschool record keeping.

1. You are satisfying the requirements of Option 3 homeschool record keeping that must be completed by the home educator according to the South Carolina Option 3 law, and

2. You now have memorabilia to keep for years to come and look back upon fondly once the homeschooling year is completed. It will be your ‘magnum opus.’ Your great work!

Book Details
  1. South Carolina Option 3 Homeschooling Law.
  2. Daily journal pages with a ‘Process Through Your Homeschool Day’ section.
  3. Portfolio reminder section.
  4. Progress Report sample and pages to complete.
  5. Calendar to maintain attendance.
  6. Home Educator Notes section.
Book Specifications
  • 403 pages
  • Text: English
  • 8.5 x 1.01 x 11 inches
  • 2.53 pounds

About the Author:

Angela Fafali Nyarko, author, is a homeschooling Mom of eight children since the year 2000. Successfully homeschooling each of her children through to high school graduation. She fully understands the necessity of having an organized homeschooling life and personal life due to many many moving parts of the home education journey.

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