The Homeschool Upstart ULTIMATE Homeschool Yearly Planner. (Hardcover)

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Look no further... this homeschool planner has it all.

The Homeschool Upstart ULTIMATE Homeschool Yearly Planner (hard cover) will cater to the home educator that seeks to homeschool their student(s) well, have a balanced life, keep their homeschooling journey organized and stay on ‘top of things’ in their day-to-day living while educating in the home.

The veteran, newbie, organized, unorganized, busy, smooth sailing home educator, multiple children, one child, goal oriented, desiring to create personal and homeschooling goals, the 'want it all in a planner' home educator. Best of all, it can be used for up to FOUR students.

Hear what fellow homeschool parents have to say about the ULTIMATE planner!

"I recieved my hard copy version of the Homeschool Upstart Ultimate Homeschool Yearly Planner, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Lots of room to write notes in, and best of all I love that it's easy for my kids to use and understand. We can all be included in the yearly planner together and everyone knows what's going on! Thank you, Angela!" - Rosa L.

"I can't wait to use my Upstart planner! It was EVERYTHING you can hope for! I tried a lot of stuff in the past, but it is hard to piece things together. This really is a "life book" for homeschoolers!!" - Homeschooling Momma

"I have really enjoyed looking through the planner. It is so clearly laid out an pleasing to look at. All-in-all I really can't wait to use it this coming school year! Thank you for making such a great resource!" - Emily H.

What's In This Planner?

'Fake' Tabs on Pages
• Week at a Glance
• Student Lesson Plans (up to four students)
• Plans for the week
• Menu for the Week
• Grocery List
• Weekly Chore Schedule
• Personal Goals (for you the home educator)
• Homeschool Month in Review
• Reflection areas such as:
• How do you feel about the homeschool progress for the month?
• Rating how well you feel about the current homeschool month in order to improve
next month
• What were some wins for the month?
• What do you want to improve upon next month?
• Student Attendance for the month(up to four students)
• Student hours of study for the month
• Journaling space for your thoughts
• Reading Log for the month (up to four students)
• Field trips/Outings
• Attendance Tracker for the year (Up to four students)
• Hours of Study Tracker for the year (Up to four students)
• Grades earned for each subject tracker (up to four students)
• Things to Remember section:
• Book list
• Curriculum Interest
• Youtube Channel recommendations
• Website recommendations
• Homeschool Co-ops to remember
• Homeschool Groups to remember
• Progress Reports Sections (up to four students)

Why This Planner?

*Created with the masses of home educators in mind
*Inviting and easy layout to follow
*Not overwhelming planner
*Provides effortless homeschool record keeping
*Encourages the home educator towards monthly attainable improvements
*Helps to organize EVERY part of the home educator's life
*Equipped for multiple homeschool student planning
*Year-around homeschool families can easily use
*Lots of space for writing (rather left or right handed)
*Easy to carry around in your bag
*Can use as the home educator's personal planner as well
*Useful for home educators with a varying homeschool methods
*Simple layout
*Durable for the busy home educator
*Self-dating calendars
*Too many features all in one place for the homeschooling family

Book Specifications

* Planner Size:8.5" x 11"

*Page Count: 474

* Design: Colorful glossy Hard cover or soft cover available.* 'How to use' instructions at the back of planner

About the Author:

Angela Fafali Nyarko, author, is a homeschooling Mom of eight children since the year 2000. Successfully homeschooling each of her children through to high school graduation. She fully understands the necessity of having an organized homeschooling life and personal life due to many many moving parts of the home education journey.

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