First Time Experience

Do you remember your first time riding a bike, riding in a boat, or riding on a roller coaster?

Do you have any first experience with your child or children?

Can you recall how your child’s first experience went?

My family and I took a vacation to Barnwell State Park in South Carolina for a week to celebrate my husband’s 41st birthday. We stayed in a cabin.

While on vacation, my husband rented Jon Boats for fishing. This was our sons first time on a small boat of this type.

We are a family of four as a result, we had to use two Jon Boats due to the limitations.

My husband and my youngest son paired together, and my oldest son, the teenager, joined me.

Because I am Mom, the girl who enjoys sleeping, he assumed

I lacked the capabilities to use oars and successfully move us about on the water. I showed him!

But little did he know, it was not my first time on a Jon Boat without a motor, but it was my second time.

I learned a lot during my first time on the boat with my husband when we came for a weekend getaway. Let’s say “you learn how to row well when you pass alligators in the water”.

Back to the point of the story, my oldest son was in the boat with me while my youngest son was in the second Jon boat with his Dad.

Not only were our sons excited to get in a Jon boat to go fishing, but they were excited to use the oars to assist in rowing the boat.

 Once my husband and I instructed them on how to use the oars to move the boat in a specific direction. I was proud to see that they picked up on the directions right away. They did a great job with helping to row the boat.

They had a great experience on the boats.