Every Moment is Teachable Moment – part 2 by Dr. Akvia Ford

The Homeschooling Diva’s Lesson #2 continued

Alright diva’s the conclusion of the story goes something like this…

The lesson I ventured to teach my children was one that emphasized the impact of having a voice and a vote in America.

There was a civics lesson hidden within the foundation of understanding federal, state, and local political races. This part of the discussion was effortless as the girls already possessed a general knowledge of the topic.

Taking a side bar here to explain: 
I did develop and pull info from the National Education Association (http://www.nea.org/tools/lessons/64341.htm) a FREE resource for lesson plans for understanding elections and American Government for all ages. Check it out, I am about the Free!

Originally, the goal was for them to understand elections

on every level then compare where my sister’s campaign lied amongst this process.

However, within an organic manner the lesson advanced to another level and we began a discussion how my sister’s platform related to an act of protesting and wanting change.

One of my daughters (Jernee) explained that my sister told her all she wanted to was to see change in the community and how she intended on doing so.

My other daughter (Jenesis) picked up the focus and explained how she believed what my sister was doing was more powerful than all the protesting done around the country. For them, my sister’s actions were more powerful than the actual movements occurring in our society. 

My sister was willing to not only talk the walk but walk the walk!

As we sat and talked, I was in awe of how their young minds processed the act of elections and the significance within them.

Each child embraced the idea that every voice matters and every vote counts.

In this way, Jernee explained, “If folks wanted to change things it needed to begin with the right people in office.” i.e. my sister/their aunt.

Toping off this eloquent encounter the girls discussed biases and accepted they were indeed bias to my sister as she is their aunt.

But as a counter argument, Jenesis stated, “she’s not just our aunt, she is passionate and wants to help all children and we are examples of this.”

The result of this lesson was real- life campaigning for the girls and seeds planted into understanding how we can change our communities and identifying the right candidate that promotes your needs.

Although this lesson plan did not entail a written assignment or long essay there was a wealth of knowledge exchanged and developed.

Although my sister did not win the election she did win the support and admiration of two young and impressionable minds.

Founder/CEO of Legacy Family Based Consulting Firm, LLC. Dr. Ford obtained her Doctor of Management from the University of Phoenix in Organizational Management and Leadership; Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix; Undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Central Florida. Married to her college sweetheart and soul mate for over 10 years; together they have eight wonderful children and is a new homeschooling family. Dr. Ford’s faith provides her the determination she needs and knows it’s time to move in an ecumenical, economical, and ecological way to ensure progressive growth through generations.