DIY Family Deck Project

Have you ever stepped outside of your comfort zone?

Have you worked on a project as a family?

If you have, how long did it take to complete the project?

This past weekend, I stepped outside of my normal weekend routine by building a deck as a family. 

My husband, two boys, and I built a deck. 

My husband is certified in carpentry. He used his prior knowledge to educate us on what supplies and material were needed to build a deck.

Before he informed us of the number of supplies and material needed, he decided to create a budget for the project.

One thing that is very important when building any project, it is deciding on

how much you would like to spend to complete the project.

Next, he decided where he would like to purchase the materials from Lowe’s or Home Depot and receive his military discount to save some money.

Third, he began creating his supply list with the quantity and price to ensure that it was within our budget.

Fourth, it is time to pick up the supplies and material and begin building the deck.

How did I feel about building the deck?

I was extremely excited to build a deck as a family.

I was aware that building a deck requires a lot of labor and time; therefore, I did not make any plans for the weekend. 

My sons and I were great listeners and learners, and we followed my husband instructions to the best of our abilities.

What was one of my proud moments during this project?

It was when my husband asked us (my sons and I) to go to Lowe’s to purchase additional decking and screws.

I was extremely excited because I paid attention when I went with my husband to select and purchase the lumber. I knew exactly what I was looking to purchase.

I wanted to pat myself on the back for learning something new and enjoying it.

At Lowe’s, I became the instructor while our two sons were the students. They were amazed at their Mom on the ability to go into a hardware store, purchase exactly what we needed, and bring home the supplies.

Once I returned home, we were able to complete majority of the project in one day. The picture shows the deck process after a weekend of work.

We have finished the deck, and we stained it too. I did not get a picture of the deck stained.

I am excited to see the end progress of our family project of building a deck.

Next on our list, it is put the pergola and picnic table together.

Next week, I will share pictures of our finished deck with pergola and picnic table.

Happy Homeschooling!!!!

Stay Safe!!!!

Live Life to The Fullest, You Deserve It!!!!!

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