What in the world are the accountability association membership cards for???

In case you were wondering what the accountability association membership cards were all about, well there are quite a few purposes for them:

1. If ever asked if you were a home educator you can say “Yes, I am” and then show them the card. 😛

2. If every asked if you were a current and up-to-date member with an accountability association, you can say, “Why Yes I am.” and then show them your card. 😛

3. If you are out and about and see some great deals being offering to educators YOU CAN PULL OUT YOUR CARD AND SHOW PROOF OF BEING AN EDUCATOR…….A HOME EDUCATOR! 🙂

Well, what type of discounts or special offerings can you take advantage of, you ask?   

Here’s a small list just to name a few.

But to add to the list are:

*our local zoos


*basically anywhere that states they offer discounts to educators.

You just show them your accountability association card and then ENJOY THE SAVINGS AND DISCOUNTS!!! 🙂

(Just click on the blue link/lettering down below that will take you directly to the website with the information on it.)

The Complete List of 80 Teacher Discounts


~Angela P.