Wednesdays Words of Encouragment: Top 10 Reasons I Need A Break from Facebook (Guest Blogger)



Social Media and I have a love hate relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great thing for most people, it’s just not working for me.

It’s more like an addiction and it’s a habit I just can’t seem to shake.

My justification for still being on it is that I have a 20th high school reunion approaching.  I need facebook to help me find classmates.  It’s been a great tool to have but after the reunion is over in a couple of weeks, we will be parting ways for a while.

Will it be permanent?

I don’t know.

All I know is that this girl needs a break and here are my reasons why:

  1. Every thought I think enters my head as a potential facebook post. “So much fun at the tea party,” or “Pajama Monday all day at the Doan house.”  My brain is just a mess.
  2. I have a facebook photo spread completely up to date but my house still doesn’t have a single picture of my now 1 and a half year old daughter hanging up. I know.  It’s really sad.  I should be ashamed and I totally am.
  3. I am tired of being angry all the time when I log on. Politics stink and this politician’s daughter just can’t handle it anymore.
  4. I never feel like I am enough. Everyone else’s Tuesday is so fantastic and I’m home telling my child to stop eating her buggers and trying to keep the 1 year old out of the dog’s food…again.
  5. I haven’t wrote in my journal in ages. I don’t feel like I’ve had an original thought that is my own in goodness knows how long.
  6. It’s just too easy to check status updates and I check them all the time. 2 am and the dog needs out, just let me check facebook while I’m up.  Y’all, that’s crazy.
  7. I need to sing more lullabies to my sweet Sadie when I’m rocking her instead of checking to see who’s doing what. My last sweet baby is growing too fast and she needs to grow up hearing You are My Sunshine and Bye Oh Baby Bunkin.
  8. I miss getting birthday cards in the mail and sending them out. Nothing good ever comes in the mail anymore.
  9. I need to call friends more and see them in person. I need to make memories or I’m very likely to turn into a hermit because I could so be a hermit and that seems pretty okay right now.
  10. Truthfully, I’ve always been a little bit weird. I’ve been a vegetarian, no shampoo for a month, poison oak eating girl for a long time.  Those that know me and love me will just shrug their shoulders and be like, “There she goes again.” and that’s okay.




Doan Family pic

Elizabeth Doan is married to her hubby David for 14 years.  Mother to four wonderful kiddos: Sam (10), Sarah (8), Evie Joy (4), and Sadie Rose (6 months).  Homeschooling Momma for 4 years with 17 years to go!   Elizabeth’s favorite quote in the whole wide world is: “Life is frittered away by details.  Simplify, simplify.”  -Henry David Thoreau