Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: Why NOT celebrate Christmas?

Yes….there are lots of reasons NOT to celebrate ‘Christmas.’

Propaganda. All the hoopla and change of focus. It has become a *Self-Focused* celebration season. Money making focus. Jesus Christ – the Savior of the world, birthday isn’t even in December.

One thing remain true.

HE was born.

HIS birth was indeed purposeful.

And just as you and I like celebrating and recognizing our own birth, December is the month in which many choose to commemorate and remember HIS birth.

So everyone who are followers of Christ…..

Please be sure to do just that.

It’s HIS birthday and celebration. Do everything to make sure HIS birthday is remembered!

With cake, balloons, ice cream and all. Whatever is your tradition……and celebrate a Birthday Party in a way that is fit for the King of kings!

Happy Birthday Jesus, my Savior!

In December and all Year Long – I CELEBRATE YOU!!!

Wise men and women still bow down and seek you!! All year long.

wisemen still bow down

Merriest of Christmases to you and yours as your remember the Savior’s Birth.

Angela P.