Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: Never Give UP! (video)

Beginning of this week……..just when I was feeling a little discouraged about an incident that I was facing I truly believe the Lord allowed the following video to come across my path.

I was praying to the Lord saying, “Lord, did you call me to this? And if you did then I really need wisdom here.”

The words, “Don’t Stop. Don’t Give Up. Keep moving forward.” Were the words I hear so clearly, precisely and reverberatingly.

never give up

I will say that I was encouraged that quick.

Then as I was about to leave my house for church I stopped at the computer to see if there were any messages I needed to attend.

Well……there was the following video with a clear message just for me. Just for that moment.

I LOVE how the Lord seems to do that.

I hope that this video in it’s own way gives you encouragement for whatever you need at this very moment as you are reading this and as you look at the video.

To both YOU and to ME………….Never Give Up!!!!